FDDCMSA is a proud affiliate of IAM (International Association of Majorette Sport)

International Association of Majorette-Sport, IAM

„The IAM – where the beauty of dance and the spirit of sport unite”

IAM is a non-profit organisation aimed at supporting various forms of dance in majorette sport at international level.

IAM was formed 15 years ago by the leaders of the majorette associations of the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. In response to the challenges of the times, in 2009 new members started to join: Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Monte Negro and Bulgaria. All members have come together to create a body that would represent the needs and expectations of  majorette- dancers and clubs disillusioned with ‘fossilized rules’.

Ensuring development of the sport, twirling with baton, elements of artistic gymnastics, baton flag as well as show category have been incorporated since 2008.

The European Championship of Majorette Sport is held annually and as well as several European Grand Prix events hosted across Europe. Our newest event is the Merry Majorette International Cup which incorporate the new disciplines of Baby cadets, Cheer dance pompon, free twirl and traditional majorettes.

In January 2013 the General Assembly of International Majorette Sport Association (IMA) elected Mrs Eva Gogolak  as their new President.

IAM has a strong focus on dancers, majorettes and their rights, our passion towards dance and young people, our belief in the power of dance to change the world and promote solidarity. We have fast become recognised and valued, with many countries and organisations joining our association.
Year after year the IAM’s Assembly have been expanding and have been welcoming new member countries, with our most recent member being South Africa in October 2020.

Members of IAM are part of an exceptional multicultural family that through its extraordinary activities promotes talent, creativity and integration to create a better future for young athletes.